This is our home page.

Prepare for adventures in a world built by Dragons and sculpted by their kin.

On adventures fuelled by greed, deception, mystery and age long fueds between races, your character’s stories will unfold and never be the same……

We will be updating the Wiki on the left as much as possible to explain the world and it’s history.

Feel free to check out the basic history time line of when the Dragon’s sculpted the world.

ALSO, check out the character’s selection on the left. The Dragons are explained there. This is where you can add your own characters and view others in the world too.

We will be linking characters and the wiki together so you can quickly jump between them as we write out the world together.

Adventure Log.
Lastly, if you wish, you can fill in the adventure log as a sort of “blog” for your character. Feel free to write up stories as you finish the evening of adventure!


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