History of Wymuhr - Common Belief

001 M01 – Birth of Wymuhr – The Great Mother lays Wymuhr. Her four children are given the task of protecting it.

001 M01 – 999 M03 : The building and peace.

001 M04 – 680 M06: The First Dragon War – Syrreth and Avrae kicked out Quenth and Tiolth “Molten Era began”

680 M06 – 999 M08: “Mlayden Era”

001 M9 – 800 M9: Avlae & Syrreth realised that they were Destroying Wymuhr and each other. They asked forgiveness from Tiolth and Quenth to restore peace to Wymuhr.

800 M9 – 300 M11: The Second Peace.

300 M11 – 750 M12: Second Dragon War – Quenth and Tiolth overwhelmed Syrreth and Avrae as they were weakened from the Molten Era. Syrreth & Avrae were banished into hibernation and sleep as the Ice Age began.

750 M12 – 200 M15: The Vyeshka Age.

200 M15 – 900 M15: Syrreth returns to Wymuhr and tricks Quenth into siding with her with the temptation of Quenth holding domination over Wymuhr. Tiolth was overthrown and Quenth engulfed the world.

900 M15 – 450 M18: Age of Atlantica.

450 M18 – 300 M19: Avrae and Tiolth fought back. Creating mountains and floating islands, some of which remains today. The Floating Continent of Aerorya.

300 M19 – 800 M20: Sorra Era.

800 M20 – 200 M22: The Great Dragon War.
Lands collided and were thrown across seas. Mountains were tainted with Syrreth’s jealousy of power. Tiolth used Quenth’s power to crumble Avrae’s hold. Natural disasters!
Avrae and Quenth were defeated and sent to the bottom of their domain to sleep.
Syrreth and Tiolth, the Eldest of the Dragons, continued to fight until they bested each other in a great collision that shattered their bodies and spirits across the sky.

The Dragonless Age: Dragausica

The whisper’s of Tiolth can be felt and heard through “wind”. The heart of Syrreth can be seen watching over us in the day, creating warmth and light.

Quenth maintains life in the Great Ocean where he slumbers. Avrae’s body is entombed within Wymuhr, creating new life as each year passes.

History of Wymuhr - Common Belief

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